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Hello 422 arrived on the scene with a bang. They really care about the local businesses in my surrounding area and beyond. I recommend you pay attention to their suggestions or you’ll miss out on some real gems.
For years, when ordering out, we went to the same few places. Although they were great, we felt limited. A couple months ago, I started following Hello 422 and it opened a whole new world of restaurants that I didn’t know were out there. It has become a family routine to check out the Hello 422 page before deciding where to go to/order out from for dinner! By far, the most useful, fun page I follow! Thank you!!
A few months ago I discovered the Hello 422 page on Facebook and Instagram. Since then I have found MANY local businesses that I had not been aware of. Several of these local shops and restaurants have become my “go to” places.
Hello 422 is doing an AWESOME job of informing the public about local businesses!! Since following Hello 422 I have learned about so many neat local spots—ones that will now become my go-to spots! I definitely recommend following/liking Hello 422!

About Us

Hello 422 started as a simple passion project right at the onset of the pandemic shutdown in the spring of 2020 as a way to raise awareness for struggling small, local businesses. After running an event called Shop Small to Win Big, which helped local businesses do over $70,000 in sales, Hello 422 founder Chris Lerch committed to continuing his social media pages and doing all he could to spotlight small businesses in the areas along the Route 422 corridor. In addition to daily business features on Facebook and Instagram, Hello 422 has spearheaded numerous programs to assist local businesses, their employees, and the local community. There have now been four Shop Small to Win Big events, which have helped drive over $230,000 in sales for our small businesses. In addition to frequent events Hello 422 now also offers digital and event marketing services to numerous local businesses. Follow along on Facebook and Instagram!